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About Us

The Real Time Indicators website was launched in February 2007 and is being continually refined by a group of individuals who's specialist fields include Financial & Commodity Analysis, Economics, Engineering and Risk Management.

We gained our skills from almost 20 industries at sites across the globe. While we continue to work as specialists in demanding job functions, we started Real Time Indicators as we realised that there was a wasted opportunity for us to use our skills and experience to solve complicated problems outside of our normal work.

To do this however, we have faced two challenges:

The first challenge was that there would be concerns from our current employers that our involvement with Real Time Indicators may detract from our work and/or create possible conflicts of interest. At the very least this issue had the potential to become very time consuming - even if only to demonstrate that these concerns were misplaced. Another (related) concern was that if we were to quote our job title and employer on the website - this may create the impression that we were attempting to leverage off our current employer's integrity for our own personal interests.

To resolve this situation, each of us has undertaken to 'self manage' the issue in two ways. Firstly by not undertaking work that we will find too onerous or that will create a conflict of interest. Secondly, by using only our first name and job title on our work history summary - without reference to our current employer.

The second challenge that we continue to face is more of a logistical one. While each of us has built up exceptional skills in the areas of financial and economic modelling, mathematics, engineering, statistics ect... none of us had 'web based' programming skills.

This has made demonstrating our modelling skills difficult - as all of our models are based on software packages like Excel and Access and are not written in a web based package like Java. We have attempted to overcome this issue by gradually building up our 'web based' skills, with future work to include Excel and Access based files to 'download' from the website.

We invite you to check out our contributors bio pages.

Still like to know more? Then contact us for further information if you are a company looking for specialists to create custom built models or if you are a specialist in the field looking to advertise their skills for future contract work.

Kind regards from the Real Time Indicators team

V 1.0 8 November 2007