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Real Time Indicators is collection of concepts, conventions, contacts, tools & techniques, which together, enable people to bridge the gap between complex problems and their solutions.

Essentially, the concept surrounds the benefit of receiving immediate feedback on the effectiveness of various problem solving strategies.

Conventions, allow these strategies to be benchmarked.

Contacts provide raw information to enable the testing of strategies.

Tools & techniques, are the engines to simulate the strategies against the problems.

You can benefit from Real Time Indictors in several ways. Firstly, by using the links to update yourself on recent developments.

Secondly, by simulating your problems using the online tools, to find solutions.

And most importantly, by participating via providing data, techniques or expertise, you can raise your profile and make Real Time Indicators more effective at the same time.

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Or you can download a copy of the Android app via the link below.

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